How To Store Food Grade Silicone Tube?

- Sep 13, 2018-

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After the food-grade silicone tube is purchased and used, We often do not know how to handle the preservation. In fact, the treatment method is similar to other types of silicone tubes. It is disinfected under high temperature conditions, but the requirements of medical silicone tube may be Strict. After all, some germs are killing at high temperatures. Let's talk about how to handle and preserve food grade silicone tube.

In fact, silicone tube products can be sterilized using +250 ° C (+482 ° CF) hot air or +135 ° C (+ 275 ° CF) steam at 3.5 bar pressure, the maximum disinfection time is 1.5 hours +135 ° C < /FONT><FONT face=Verdana>(+275°CF), the shortest time interval after one disinfection is one hour, which restores the hose to a steady state. The vapor changes the organic matter and swelling properties of the silicone elastomer.

Here, it is not recommended to use a silicone tube to transport abrasive articles.

Furthermore, if the food grade silicone tube is not used temporarily, it should be cleaned, then disinfected through a silicone tube, and then placed on a dry shelf to avoid exposure to sunlight and ozone, in order to avoid it. In chemicals. The interface uses 45 ° C or 90 ° C to bend the head and tail to ensure that dust and harmful substances enter the tube.

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