How About Our Heat Resistant Silicone Mats?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Often,oven mitts made out of a fabric material are easy stains, crusty, scorched, and discoloring, so we need to replace them after using a short time. But our heat resistant silicone mats are beautiful and work so well. They don't get as dirty and I can easily run it under some water if I get any food on it. I would to recommand them to you.

Why choose our heat resistant silicone mats/silicone trivets mat?

1.High Quality: 

It is made of silicone material of safe and nontoxic, environmental protection and excellent resistance to high temperature. Children can safely use it.Flexible, lowest aging, lowest fading, dishwasher safe, bright appearance, FDA approved food grade silicone and long service life. 

2.Heat Protection Hot Pads: 

High thermal insulation capabilities. When used for kitchen, it can be used to take hot plates out of microwave oven to prevent your hands from being scalded.Heat resistance 440°F.


Heat insulation, anti-slip, waterproof, flexible, discoloration.


It is fit for kitchen use, served as pot holders, table mats, jar openers or anywhere you need.

Trivet: Protects your table or kitchen counter tops from unsightly burns Provides a sturdy base for heavy pans with the convex buttons to better insulate your surfaces from heat. 

Pot Holder:The tool's super-flexible silicone and textured surface allow you to grip pots safely while the back part shields your hand from heat. 

Move piping-hot items from the cook top to the counter with ease!

Large Coaster & Spoon Rest: Flip it over, and you've got a handy coaster for ice-cold drink pitchers The convex buttons provide a cavity that catches spills and water.Heat resistant & stain free, is also great as a spoon rest.

Some bottles are not easy to open up, silicone pads can be applied to help you to open it.

5.Easy to Store & Clean: 

The design of hanging hole enables no space occupation. It can be rolled up or hang on hook. When it needs to be cleaned, simply hand-wash our silicone trivet or toss it into the dishwasher..

6.Very novelty design,square,round,also other shape can be customzied ,perfect Home Kitchen Decoration.add colors and fun to your kitchen. 



1)Keep your hands safe while handling hot pans and pots from the oven or stove.

2)Can be used as pot holder, trivet, hot pads, jar opener, table coaster,spoon rest,and garlic peeler.

3)Protects stove top, table top or counter top from unsightly burns.

If you want to purchase the Heat Resistant Silicone Mats/Silicone Trivets Mat,you can try heat resistant silicone mat, they are good ones.

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