Amazing For Driving! Great Massage Car Seat Cushion!

- Sep 21, 2018-

Are you looking for a pad to cover hot leather seat in your car? Our silicone breathable car seat cushion maybe a good chocie for you.


Car Seat Cushion Silicone Massage Office Chair Pad Waterproof Non-slip Comfort Auto Seat Pad

Product details:

Material: Silica gel 

Dimensions: 18 .8(L) * 18.5 (W) * 1.2 (H) Inch 

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter 

Special Features: 

1.ECO-friendly : Made of 100% food grade silicone gel;it's safety, innoxious, non-irritating odor,and easy to clean.

2. Breathable,durable and elastic. 

The car seat cushion is made of silicone gel. This unique 3D pillar gels do not sink down like other soft cushion. 

The gap between the pillars is conducive to air circulation and ventilation. So it is more cool and breathable than the memory foam cushion and other foam based cushions. Also it can prevent eczema and acne caused by sedentary sultry. Silicone far-infrared rays stimulate blood circulation, enhance the body's immunity and improve the cure rate, which is an ideal gift for family.


The small suckers at the cushion bottom is anti-skid, and suitable for office workers, drivers, students and wheelchair users who long time sitting!

4.Waterproof cushion, easy to clean. 

Just washed with water directly, and dried quickly. 

5. Massage to relieve fatigue ,Sitting in great comfort 

This is a silicone seat cushion which is helpful for people sitting. After the long journey is over, you will know it works well.You can feel different after 8-9 hours of sedentary,because it protects your buttocks from being squeezed . It is difficult for people with back pain to sit down. This mat is designed to relieve the pain in the waist, buttocks, coccyx and eczema. High quality silicone maintain its shape and contour without compromising comfort. 

6.Portable and foldable: Not only suitable as indoor seat pad for office, classroom, kitchen, dining room, but also as outdoor seat mat for camping, picnic, beach,etc.

7.Waterproof - Easy to Wash - Quick Drying

Water will not flow into the chair when it is on the seat cushion,can Wipe dry quickly.

When it is dirty, rinse directly with water and dry quickly.

This silicone car seat cushion is healthy and safety ,which you can give as a gift for your family, friends or colleagues!

More information about the car seat cushion, please contact us at any time.



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